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Barbieri SpectroPad, not including DOC

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SpectroPad is a revolutionary color measuring and process control device. This portable, professional spectrophotometer measures a wide variety of different re?ective media used in professional digital printing (including large and wide format). Thanks to its independence from a computer, it can be used also directly on the printer. Its integrated touch display enables interaction with the device and provides instant measurement results.

Application fields

  • Process and quality control (If you add the optional DOC license)
  • Measurement of linearization, pro?ling and custom charts on a wide variety of materials
  • Single measurements of spot colors with subsequent check for color true printing
  • Image quality evaluations (homogeneity on the print according to Fogra M-Score)

Main features

  • Portable, wireless (battery operated, WiFi)
  • Measurement aperture 6 mm diameter
  • Barbieri qb-technology inside (D50 LED illumination, next generation of highest precision spectral core)
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • ISO 13655-2009 measurement condition: M1, M0 and M2 (UVCut)
  • 1-line manual scanning
  • Touch Screen
  • Includes free measurement software Barbieri Gateway for Mac and PC
  • Geometry: 45°/0°
  • Calibration and Certification Service recommended every 18 months

DOC (Digital Output Control) - Optional License

Easy Process Control for Digital Large Format Printing.
Barbieri DOC compares the actual print with a preset reference and gives immediate feedback if color values are within tolerance; without computer, directly on the large format printer.
Get more information about DOC (Digital Output Control)

Image Quality

SpectroPad Series 2 is the first and only device, which enters into the field of image quality evaluations.
As a first, the SpectroPad Series 2 performs an evaluation for homogeneity (uniformity) on the print according to Fogra M-Score.

System requirements

  • Microsoft Windows 7 or later (32 and 64 bit) 
  • Mac OS X 10.10 or later (Intel)

Comparison SpectroPad / SpectroPad DOC

  SpectroPad  SpectroPad DOC 
6 mm measuring aperture  X X
Reflective measurements X X
Measurement of linearization and profiling charts X
Digital Output Control (DOC)   X

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